Doctoral Tracks Beginning Fall 2018



The AMST program accepts applications for specific tracks; unlike more traditional programs, we do not admit students to a general American Studies doctoral program. Applicants interested in applying for one or more of these tracks should apply through IUPUI's graduate school and specify in their application for which track or tracks they wish to be considered. In their application materials, applicants should address in as much detail as possible, their interest in and qualifications for specific tracks. The program is less concerned about the methodological backgrounds of applicants except in those cases where specialized skills are essential for the work required in the doctoral track. All of the tracks are financial partnerships between American Studies and research centers and/or external partners. For questions regarding the tracks, applicants should email Raymond Haberski and/or the specific faculty and staff listed with the information on the tracks.

TRACK #1: SPEA and the Opioid Crisis

AMST Tracks and Funding SPEA 2018-2022

Contact: Brad Ray, SPEA

TRACK #2: Diverse and Inclusive Public History in Contemporary Higher Education​

AMST Track in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Public History

Contact: Rebecca Shrum, History/Public History

Karen Dace, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Stephanie Rowe, Executive Director, National Council on Public History

TRACK #3: IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute (IAHI) and Cultural Ecologies

AMST PhD Track 2018 Cultural Ecologies

Contact: Jason Kelly, Director of IAHI

TRACK #4: IAHI and Rivers of the Anthropocene

AMST PhD Track 2018 RoA-AnthropoceneHousehold-Track

Contact: Jason Kelly, Director of IAHI

TRACK #5: IAHI and Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts

AMST PhD Track 2018 Religion, Spirituality and the Arts

Contact: Jason Kelly, Director of IAHI