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Raymond Haberski, Jr. is Professor of History and Director of American Studies at IUPUI Publishications Coordinator at the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture. For the 2008–2009 academic year he held the Fulbright Danish Distinguished Chair in American Studies at the Copenhagen Business School and continues to cultivate collaborations with Southern Denmark University and the Danish-American Fulbright Commission. Haberski’s research field is U.S. intellectual history and most recently his scholarship has focused on the intersection between religion, war, and politics in post-1945 U.S. history.

Haberski’s books include It’s Only a Movie: Films and Critics in American Culture (2001), Freedom to Offend: How New York Remade Movie Culture (2007), The Miracle Case: Film Censorship and the Supreme Court (2008), God and War: American Civil Religion Since 1945 (2012), for the American Academy of Franciscan History Voice of Empathy: A History of Franciscan Media in the United States (2018). Currently he is at work on a monograph that looks at the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ pastoral letter The Challenge of Peace as a way to discuss the role of religion in U.S. foreign policy and the history of the Catholic just war doctrine in American history. For a volume on Steven Spielberg produced by an international collection of scholars, Haberski has contributed an essay on Steven Spielberg and film criticism that constitutes part of larger project he researching on the social history of the American blockbuster film.

With a group of his colleagues from around the country, Haberski founded the Society for U.S. Intellectual History in 2011, a professional organization that grew out of an award-winning blog that he has contributed to since 2009. This society also runs a well-regarded annual conference that attracts the attention of junior as well as senior scholars and has been featured in the New York Times and on C-SPAN.

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