Unlike almost any other academic field, American Studies has had, from its inception in the immediate post-WWII era, an international structure. Around the world, a constellation of organizations exist that link scholars and students to each other in the study and teaching of American studies.  These organizations include: American Studies Association, Association for Asian American Studies, Australian and New Zealand American Studies Association, British Association for American StudiesEuropean Association for American Studies, Nordic Association for American Studies, The American Studies Association of Turkey, and the US-China Education Trust. Such organizations provide potential short-term and longer-term exchanges with IUPUI for both undergraduate and graduate students. AMST@IUPUI encourages students at both levels to think of their program as transnational. If you are ready to travel we are ready to help.

IUPUI provides three different practical ways to explore study abroad:

natl student exchangeThe National Student Exchange (NSE) is an opportunity that allows students to enroll in academic options that may not be available on your own campus. Students can study for a single term or academic year at one of nearly 200 NSE member colleges and universities.

CA1st-Reichstag-LinesUsing iAbroad, IUPUI students can search for and apply to dozens of international programs. Knowledge of a foreign language is not required—and many programs are in English-speaking countries. Choose among more than 250 IU programs that range in length from a short stay to an academic year, and look into financial aid and scholarships that can help cover costs.





AMST@IUPUI and the Max Kade Center encourage student and faculty exchages with the University of Muenster. Programs important to this partnership include the Center for German-American Education, directed by Professor Jurgen Overhoff and the Deparment of Modern and Contemporary History/North America, chaired by Heike Bungert. Please click on the image to the left for more information about the University of Muenster.




AMST@IUPUI has special exhanges with a few universities in Europe. Newcastle University and the University of Derby (both in the Great Britain) allow IUPUI students to take courses abroad by registering for courses through IUPUI and therefore use financial aid to cover the cost of those courses. Click on the images below for more infomation about Newcastle and Derby. The third program is a new and developing exchange between IUPUI's American Studies Program and the Max Kade Center and the University of Muenster in Germany programs in German-American Education, American Studies, and Religion in the United States.