Ph.D. Track: Equitable Design in the Digital World

Aaron Ganci, MFA is a user experience and interface designer and an Associate Professor of Visual Communication Design at Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University, IUPUI. He is a frequent consultant on the design of websites and software interfaces in the healthcare, public health, financial, and energy sectors. More than 100 million people have used a product that he has designed. In addition to professional creative activity, Professor Ganci teaches a range of courses in user experience design, user interface design, service design, AR prototyping, and a variety of graphic design topics.

As an American Studies student, he is researching the creation of digital public services in the U.S. As the access to community and governmental services move online, the number of people who need to use these digital tools will continue to increase. The user base of these tools will also continue to grow in diversity (ex: socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, and technical ability); digital services need to be useful for millions of people. With such a diverse user base, a question emerges: how can designers create a single solution that works for everyone? How can we incorporate personal experience, preference, and need in the creation of new public digital experiences? This research will pull begin by leveraging theories from speculative and participatory design to examine how digital services can be accessed in equitable ways.