Ph.D. Track: Anthropocene Household in the IAHI

Ben Clark was born and raised in Ohio and moved to Northwest Indiana for high school. I have a BA in history from Indiana University. After undergrad, my wife and I spent a year as AmeriCorps volunteers in the Appalachian foothills of Kentucky. Following that, I enrolled in the public history master’s program at IUPUI. Through that program, I spent a year interning in the manuscripts room at the Indiana State Library, then another year interning with an historical consulting firm, and still a third year splitting my time interning at Indiana Landmarks and the Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology. Through the experiences and connections made with those internships, I landed a job doing historic preservation work for Indiana State Parks. I spent three years in that position after which I was promoted to Chief of Cultural Resources (recently changed to Cultural Resources Manager), a position I have served in ever since. In this role I am involved in anything related to history, historic preservation, archives, and archaeology in Indiana State Parks.

​​I am involved in a project called the Anthropocene Household. For this project I work with community partners on issues related to environmental toxins (lead in the soil and water, industrial chemicals in the aquifer). With my research I aim to put these issues into historical context and to bring the human story to the foreground. In order to add to an already existing body of qualitative research, I will conduct oral history interviews with members of the community and other involved partners. These interviews will form part of the dataset for my dissertation research.