An Indiana native, Cale graduated from Indiana State University with a B.S. in Information Technology. He then continued at ISU, where he pursued an M.S. in Electronic Computer Technology. Cale also pursued an M.A. in U.S. History, focusing on Labor and Social Movements as a Gertrude and Theodore Debs Fellowship recipient. During his graduate studies, Cale taught courses in information technology, project management, and computer engineering while working on interdisciplinary community projects. Cale worked on developing mobile applications addressing public health concerns and managed and counseled students on public history projects. After graduating, Cale began working in academic and public libraries across Indiana until settling on the eastside of Indianapolis. Currently, Cale is the Scholarly Communications Associate at Butler University, working on open-access initiatives for Butler University faculty and students and open access textbook publications.

Cale’s research interests are in labor, cultural, and urban history and how they intersect with current public policy debates between education, teachers’ unions, and public-sector unionism. Cale seeks to identify teachers’ and public sector unions’ impact on national politics broadly and in Indianapolis more specifically. His previous research focused on the Chicago Teachers’ Federation in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. His research also aims to shed light on broader themes concerning political economy, political ideology, and ideas shape – and are shaped by – social movements. Currently, Cale is a researcher looking at power networks in Indianapolis as a part of the Cultural Ecologies program of the IUPUI’s Arts and Humanities Institute.