The AMST program accepts applications for specific tracks; unlike more traditional programs, we do not admit students to a general American Studies doctoral program. Applicants interested in applying for one or more of these tracks should apply through IUPUI’s graduate school and specify in their application for which track or tracks they wish to be considered. In their application materials, applicants should address in as much detail as possible, their interest in and qualifications for specific tracks. The program is less concerned about the methodological backgrounds of applicants except in those cases where specialized skills are essential for the work required in the doctoral track. All of the tracks are financial partnerships between American Studies and research centers and/or external partners.

The program is finalizing financial and research arrangements for the following tracks for the 2020-2021 academic year. Tracks will either offer full-time benefits (tuition + stipend) or part-time benefits (tuition). Please contact the director if you have questions.

Track 1: Medical Humanities and Bio-Ethics (1 full-time PhD student)

The Medical Humanities track within the American Studies PhD program would allow one graduate student to pursue a Medical Humanities curriculum with a specific bioethics focus. The IU Center for Bioethics will serve as the internship placement and the student will have access to the Indiana University academic health center to shape the scope and focus of the dissertation. The specific direction of an individual project and resulting dissertation will be largely determined by the student in collaboration with mentors and the internship site director, but is anticipated to be tied to research in clinical medical ethics.

Track 2: African-American Faiths and Community Transformation (1 full-time PhD student)

RA position coordinated with Dr. Tucker Edmonds to work with the leadership and community partners of the Indianapolis Ministerium (or another identified African American community-focused organization) on issues/programming related to public policy, community engagement, and social justice advocacy. The expectation is that this position will have a 20hr/week research appointment with the Indianapolis Ministerium as outlined in an MOU with the AMST program and the student’s advisory committee. Students can take up to 18 hours of course work each academic year. Courses beyond that number can be negotiated with the program. Candidates for this track are expected to have at least one graduate degree in hand by the time of appointment.

Track 3: Teachers and Education Policy in Indiana (potentially 2 part-time PhD students)

Study of ISTA membership that focuses on inter-generational and geographically diverse communication, expectations, and leadership.

Study of networks of power and influence in the shaping and implementing of education policy in Indianapolis and Indiana