Shonda Nicole Gladden is an American Studies PhD student matriculating through the Cultural Ecologies Track at IUPUI. Her research emerges at the intersections of philosophy, art, gender and cultural studies and aims to explore an anti-colonial enterprise of deconstructing Black gendered identities and cultural productions. Utilizing critical visual culture methodologies, her work explores representations of identity and the framing of movements- social, spatial, and spiritual- as cultural productions that inform Blackness, and Black aesthetics, within the colonial project of the Americas.

Working Dissertation Title: Trans-Versing Blackness Through The Black [Womxn’s] Box: Forty Years of Art and Activism in Black Womxn’s Film.”

AMST Track: IAHI Cultural Ecologies Project

She is currently a graduate research assistant to the Indiana Arts and Humanities Institute (IAHI) conducting research on a three-year project funded by the National Endowment of the Arts examining the impact of cultural interventions on the landscape of Indianapolis neighborhoods.